International Workshop on Advances and Perspectives
in Auroral Plasma Physics

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The Venue: How to get to Aussois?


Access is through Modane, a small city in the valley some 10 km below Aussois.

There are train connections from the cities of Paris, Lyon, Torino and Milano. The bullet train from Paris to Torino/Milano stops at Modane. A Paris-Modane travel takes about 4 hours and should cost 80-100  € one way.

Access via Torino is shorter (1 hr 20 mn) and cheaper (currently around 15 € one way).

Note that there is no (convenient) direct connection to Modane from Charles-de-Gaulle airport. You have to take the RER, the bus or a taxi to go to Gare de Lyon which is a railways station located in the center of Paris.

The best way to join Gare de Lyon from the Charles de Gaulle Airport (apart from taking a taxi) is to use the AIR FRANCE bus N°4 which goes directly to Gare Lyon. According to the trafic the journey takes less than 1H.There is a bus every 30 mn. You can consult the time table:

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There is a taxi stand at Modane station, and taxis can be booked by the front desk at Centre Paul Langevin (33 4 79 20 33 86). Taxi rides between Modane station and Centre Paul Langevin cost around 30 €, regardless of number of persons (up to 8 persons in some taxis). The ride takes around 10 mn.

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